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Student Success

Student Success

Student Success Room

Our student success room is a vibrant and busy place where students who need a little extra support and TLC can find it. We have teachers, educational assistants and peer tutors available every period to work with students.
How do students access the student success supports?
  • Classroom Teacher -- Teachers have an excellent knowledge of the needs of our students and use the Student Success room as a resource for students who need it. The classroom teacher may offer or require a student to spend time in the room as they deem necessary. Some examples include: i. complete an assignment that was not done, ii. write a missed test, iii. complete some research, iv. print a document, v. receive one-on-one support for a concept that is difficult.
  • Credit Recovery -- Where a student has been unsuccessful in completing a course, it may be determined by the teacher, guidance counsellors, the student success teacher and parents that the student should be given extra time to complete the course. In this case the student will be working with the support of the student success room.
  • Credit Rescue -- Where a student is experiencing extreme difficulty completing a course or some courses, the student success team may determine that the student should focus on one course for a part of the school day. In this case the student will be working with the support of the student success room for some part of the school day.
  • Inschool Withdrawal -- As a part of our progressive discipline program, some students may be assigned to be withdrawn from classes and other privileges. These students are usually assigned to the Student Success Room.
Our Student Success Team has the primary goal of helping each student at Moira Secondary School achieve their goals and aspirations.  We meet weekly to:

    * Identify students who are having difficulty (academics, social, attendance, personal);
    * Plan supports and interventions that will help the student;
    * Monitor supports that are in place and determine if our support model needs to change.

Our Student Success Team includes: School administration, Special Education Head, Student Success Lead, Guidance Counsellors, and the Child and Youth Counsellor.