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Literacy Supports

Literacy Supports

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

Test Date:  March 31st, 2016


Welcome to the Moira Literacy Support website.  We are committed to providing supports for all students as they prepare to write the grade ten Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).  Successful completion of the OSSLT is a graduation requirement and thorough preparation is recommended.  Students receive curriculum –based literacy training in their classes.  In addition to this, the following in-house workshops are in place to further support our students:




Target Students

After-school Literacy Worshops

1. Fall session - once a week for 6 weeks leading up to the holidays
2. Winter session - once a week for 6 weeks prior to the OSSLT

All students eligible to write the OSSLT are invited to attend

Grade Ten Workshops

Weekly in-class sessions occur 6 weeks prior to the OSSLT

All first-time eligible (FTE) students take part

Focus Workshops

2 ½ day sessions during school hours that focus on specific literacy skills

All previously eligible students are invited to attend

Remedial Workshop

2 ½ day sessions – smaller group support during school hours

Students that have been identified as needing further literacy supports through diagnostic testing & teacher referral

OSSLT MSS Prep resources on D2L Ongoing Available to students writing the OSSLT

Instructions to Access our OSSLT MSS Prep Course:

1.  Access D2L by clicking on the D2L icon in the middle of our MSS home page -  or access D2L directly by clicking here.

2.  Login to D2L by using your regular computer login.   Use your birthdate in the format YYYYMMDD as your password.

3.  Look for the MSS OSSLT Prep course in the course area and click on it to enter thc course.

4.  In the Content Browser area, you will see a number of supports for you to practise including 2009 and 2010 Practice tests as well as Additional Resources & Quizzes.   


The following links offer additional literacy support directly from the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO – administrator of the OSSLT).  Moira developed instructional materials are also available, which parents may access to further support student learning and test preparation. 






Key Words and Phrases Document:

Key words in questions specify the type of response required.  Students need to be made aware of the meaning of these words prior to their participation in an EQAO assessment.

Key Words (pdf)

Moira S.S.

How to Write a Summary

 How to Write a Summary (doc)

 Moira S.S.

How to Read a Graphic Text

 How to Read Graphic Texts (doc)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Grant Montgomery, Principal   ext 1315

Doug Callaghan, Vice Principal   ext 1317