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Support for Students


Child Youth Counsellor

A CYC is available to assist students who may be experiencing difficulty in any of the following ways:

  • Poor attendance
  • At risk of dropping out of school
  • Self esteem and emotional issues
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Social skills and behavior management
  • Personal or family crisis which impact school performance


Computer & Technology

With about 200 Pentium-Class computers in 6 labs and other classrooms, students find that there is never a shortage of machinery available. The highlights include an up to date research lab in the Library Resource Centre, a brand new cross-curricular lab, high end labs for programming and business courses and a dedicated Communications Technology lab which includes two very high end video editing workstations. Math also has a classroom with a computer-lab, and there is a pod of computers in three science labs. All our labs and computers are connected in one network so students can access their files no matter where they are in the school. All of these machines have access to high speed Internet. Finally we have several classrooms that are equipped with Smart Boards.


Guidance Centre

Guidance and career education is a vital and integral part of the secondary program. Through this program, students are given opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills that they need in order to learn effectively, to live and to work cooperatively and productively, to set goals and monitor progress and to carry out their social responsibilities. The program is delivered through different means, including classroom instruction, through orientation and exit programs, career exploration activities, and individual and short-term counselling.
Guidance staff assist students with:
  • the transition and orientation to high school
  • choosing and revising course selections to meet graduation requirements
  • researching post secondary education and career possibilities
  • applying and making the transition to apprenticeships, college, university or the workplace
  • making referrals to appropriate school or community personnel or agencies
The school’s Guidance Department encourages students and parents to participate fully in the programs, workshops, lessons and individual sessions intended to assist students in moving successfully toward their post secondary destinations. In addition, students are assisted in accessing community support agencies and resources.


International Student Program

Moira Secondary School is a Host Secondary School for the International Student Program. We strive to offer excellence in education so our students are prepared to enter post secondary institutions or the workplace, and meet the emerging global challenges. The high value we place on cultural diversity is reflected in our school Mission Statement:
Moira Secondary School is a multicultural community where learning is an adventure, fostered through innovation and collaboration, providing excellence in academics, athletics, technology and the arts.
Moira is located at the east side of Belleville close to a recreational facility (YMCA), walking/biking trails along the Bay of Quinte waterfront and shopping areas. Live theatres, movie houses, provincial parks and camping facilities are some of the recreational highlights of our region. Belleville is centrally located, only two hours from Toronto, three hours from Ottawa, and four hours from Montreal.
Our school features:
  • State-of-the-art Science Labs
  • State-of-the-art Computer Labs (including a Math Computer Lab)
  • Library with print and on-line resources
  • Gymnasiums and Weight Room
  • Geoventure Program (where students have hands on experience in their community) - a unique program in Ontario
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (provides entrance to universities around the world and a challenging curriculum in several subject areas)
  • Courses in all subject areas are available to International Students 
  • Supports for English Language Learners
  • Hockey Canada Skills Academy
At Moira, International students have access to:
  • ESL courses in both semester 1 and semester 2
  • Counselling support in the school
  • Academic screening and counselling from board office staff
  • Learning Strategies courses, to support academic success
  • Opportunities to join sports teams and clubs
  • Homestay families within walking distance of the school or on a bus route
  • After school tutoring program - Tuesday to Thursday
  • English proficiency tutoring, eg TOEFL or IELTS
  • Planned outings and trips
Come to Moira, where learning is an adventure for all our students!


Library Resource Centre

Moira's library program supports the development of information literacy skills across all pathways and grade levels. Students have opportunities to expand their research and inquiry skills, and learn how to use and communicate information effectively. The program also promotes and encourages a life-long love of reading for both pleasure and learning. A wide variety of print resources and on-line databases support curriculum assignments as well as personal reading.

Native Education Counsellor

The Native Education Counsellors from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory at Moira Secondary School provide a wide range of services which include assisting students in the transition from elementary to secondary school and providing culturally relevant information to staff to meet the needs of Native students. As well, the Native Education Counsellors provide counselling and support to Native students to ensure their success at high school and in the transition to life after high school.


Special Education

Special Education provides a variety of services to students who are identified as “exceptional”. The support given to such a student is determined by the Identification Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) through an annual review. Identified students are monitored on a regular and ongoing basis through the use of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) which is continuously updated by subject teachers.

The Interdepartmental Special Education Head (ISEH)
Moira's ISEH coordinates academic programs and supports the identified students in the school. A major proportion of special programs take place in the regular classroom. The ISEH works closely with subject teachers to increase awareness of specific needs, match learning styles to teaching strategies and assist in modifying content and evaluation procedures where necessary. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the ISEH regarding programming and support.

Resource Room
The Resource Room at Moira Secondary is accessed by many students on a daily basis. The Resource Room provides academic support in all subject areas and all grade levels. For students using assistive technology the resource room provides training, quiet work areas and access to programs. The ISEH is responsible for booking training on equipment and maintenance.

Remedial Assistance
Any student, whether identified as exceptional through an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) or not, may receive academic support as arranged through the Special Education Department. These services are designed to meet a specific student’s unique needs. Please contact your student’s teachers, the Guidance Centre, the ISEH or the Student Success Teacher to discuss an individual student’s program.

Student Success Team
A Student Success Team consisting of the Administration, Head of Guidance, Guidance Teachers, Native Education Counsellors, Child and Youth Worker, Student Success Teacher and the Head of Special Education meet every week to conference and problem solve student cases presented by each member of the team. Students are served well by this collective approach.

The Special Education Advisory Committee (S.E.A.C.)
S.E.A.C. is a local committee mandated by the Ministry of Education whose role is to make recommendations to the Board in any matter affecting the establishment, development and delivery of special education programs and services for exceptional students. The members of S.E.A.C. meet in order to support students with special needs, and their parents. Membership is made up of associations, parents, Board and community representatives. S.E.A.C. meetings are open to the public. Interested individuals are welcome to call any association representative or committee member listed in the Special Connections brochure, or through contacting the Special Education Department (966-1170, ext 2270) for more information.


Student Mentorship Program

This program matches up Senior Grade 11 students with new incoming grade 9 students. The Student Mentors are given leadership training at Quin Mo Lac before the new school year begins. The students run carousel sessions in August and continue meeting with their group of grade 9’s throughout the year. The mentors provide seminars on the “high school” experience, study skills, learning styles, pathway planning, communication and promote a community of culture and caring.


Student Success

Student Success Teacher
Student Success teachers play a key role in supporting school-wide efforts to improve outcomes for students who are struggling with the secondary curriculum and may be at risk of not graduating or receiving certification for their achievements. They provide a combination of direct support or instruction to these students in order to improve attendance, retention and achievement rates. In addition, Student Success teachers work closely with parents and the community to support meaningful learning opportunities for students. Student Success teachers are an integral part of the schools student success team, which includes Guidance and Special Education teachers, as well as Child and Youth counsellors, Native Education counsellors, Administration, and other identified personnel.

Student Success Room
The Student Success Room organizes and runs a number of student success initiatives designed to support student success at Moira. 

  • Credit Rescue
  • Credit Recovery
  • Intervention to Suspension
  • Lunch Time Support

Credit Rescue
The student success room maintains a positive and quiet workspace for students to get caught up with assignments. Teachers can send students down to the Student Success Room during any period of the day to give students time, resources, and one on one assistance to complete assignments. A Student Engagement Education assistant, as well as the Student Success teacher, are available to help students with questions, time management and assignment completion.

Credit Recovery
The credit recovery program helps students earn credits they were previously unsuccessful with, and helps guide them while they develop the learning skills needed to achieve academic success.

Intervention to Suspension
The intervention to suspension program is designed to help students succeed by staying in school to complete course assignments in a supervised room separate from the student body. It is a great alternative to out of school suspension. Our main goals for this program are to help students: 

  • Keep up with class work
  • Complete outstanding assignments
  • Building reading, writing and numeracy skills
  • Learn problem solving skills



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