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School Activities


Acoustic Corner
Acoustic Corner is a Coffee House or Open Mic type of event that runs the first Friday of each month and is open to all students. Students give a variety of musical and dramatic performances in a fun, safe, and relaxed performance environment.

Students who love instumental music join Moira's Concert Band. Concert Band is open to all students.  The Concert Band performs throughout the year at school and in the community.

Drama Club
Students will be involved in productions throughout the school year such as “Why Bump off Barnaby” and “The Haunted School.”

Glee Club
Glee club showcases students who love to sing and dance on stage. They perform regularly at school and community events.

Improv Team
The students on this team love drama. They compete with other schools in improv skits and challenges.



The athletics department and coaches at Moira believe that interschool sports are an integral part of a student’s educational experience. Developing interpersonal and social skills, self-awareness, dedication and commitment are all positive outcomes of athletic involvement. A dedicated coaching staff provides all students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports.
Fall Season
Winter Season
Spring Season
Girls Jr. & Sr. Basketball
Girls Jr. & Sr. Rugby
Boys Jr. & Sr. Volleyball
Boys Jr. & Sr. Soccer
Boys Jr. & Sr. Football
Co-ed Cross Country

Girls Jr. & Sr. Volleyball
Girls Gymnastics
Girls and Boys Varsity Hockey
Boys Jr. & Sr. Basketball
Co-ed Wrestling
Co-ed Downhill Skiing
Co-ed Swimming
Co-ed Badminton
Co-ed Curling
Girls Jr. & Sr. Soccer
Boys Jr. & Sr. Rugby
Co-ed Track & Field
Co-ed Tennis
Co-ed Golf


*** Sports offered may vary from year to year ***

Athletic Awards
Athletes receive athletic points for participating on varsity sports and intramural teams. These points accumulate towards earning your Junior and Senior “M”, Athletic Plaque, and Bar of Excellence. Team awards include MVP, Coach's Award and Sportsmanship awards. Major athletic awards include Most Promising grade 9 female and male athletes, junior female and male athlete and senior female and male athlete of the year.

Athletic Banquet
Celebrating athletes’ accomplishments is a tradition at Moira. Every June, an athletic banquet occurs to recognize our teams and individual achievements. Dinner, award presentations, a video sports recap and guest speakers are all part of a fun and entertaining evening.

Students must be taking 3 credit courses during the playing season. Athletes must pay their student fees as well as athletic fees for each sport played. Appropriate attendance, good citizenship within the school and maintaining good academic standing are required of all Moira student athletes.

Transfer Policy
If you transfer to Moira from another high school and wish to participate in athletics you must contact the Athletic Director. You will need to fill in transfer forms which will be submitted to the Bay of Quinte Transfer Committee. This committee will rule on your eligibility.


Students Leadership

30-Hour Famine
The 30-Hour Famine raises money to help others who do not have enough to eat. The members of this committee plan thirty consecutive hours of activities at the school.

Arts Attack
The Arts Attack team is instrumental in promoting the enjoyment of the arts at Moira. The students on this team organize talent events, buskers, movie madness, and trips.

Earthcare is a student led, student run group that plans and implements activities to promote environmental awareness and action at Moira.

Global Awareness
Being a part of this committee allows students to learn about and help with the problems and issues in the global world. They raise money to support the various causes.

Grad Club
The graduating students plan the Prom and fundraise throughout the year, in order, to give each Graduate a gift as a memento of their time at Moira. They also host the Grad Lunch-bringing previous Grads back to share their post secondary experiences.

GSA - Gay Straight Alliance
Our Moira GSA works closely with Students Council and other school groups as an educational enterprise centered around the celebration of diversity to ensure we have a safe learning environment for all our students. 

MAC Council–Moira Athletic Council
The MAC Council recognizes athletic achievements and organizes events to support athletics as well as the awards banquet to celebrate!

Math League
The members of the Math League compete internationally in math contests that occur throughout the year. They are challenged to improve their skills in mathematics.

Moira House League – Red, Yellow, Blue & Green
Every member of the Moira community is part of one of the house teams. There will be challenges throughout the year and the team with the most points will win the TROJAN TOWER!! Each team is lead by a group of students who have volunteered to be house captains!

Student Council
The students in Student Council are involved in many events at Moira, such as assemblies, dances, and spirit days. It is a great way to make friends and get involved.
Student Senate
There are two senators that represent Moira at the Education Centre throughout the year and plan the Board Wide Youth Forum. The Youth Forum focuses on issues that have a direct impact on today’s students. After the forum, a group of twelve students who attend bring back what they have learned to share with the entire school.
Trojan TV
Trojan Television is a student produced, "live to tape", 15 minute production that is aired on our local television channel. It showcases achievements at Moira. Drop in and see what we are about!
Yearbook Club
This club captures and immortalizes all of the events of the school year. The students are involved in the publishing and production of the school yearbook.