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Co-operative Education


CO-OP Education

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Co-operative Education

COP3O/COP4O–Co-op Credits:

Cooperative Education is a unique learning opportunity which integrates classroom learning with practical experience in the workplace and is valuable for all students, whether they plan to go to work, college, apprenticeship, or university after secondary school. This program includes pre- employment training, regularly scheduled in-class instructional days and work placement time.

Why Take CO-OP?

Test-Drive a Career: Do the job and get a chance to see if your career choice is really what you want before choosing your post-secondary institution.

Build Your Skills: Work one-on-one with a co-worker in a program designed to meet your interests, needs and strengths.

Get Hands-on Work Experience: Overcome the problem of "no job without experience and no experience without a job". Put real work experience on your resume.

Values to the Student:

  • encourages students to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes required for employment
  • helps students identify their capabilities and limitations
  • develops interpersonal skills
  • provides an awareness of job opportunities and the experience to make informed career decisions
  • provides opportunities to practice decision-making skills
  • provides practical experience in a contemporary workplace setting
  • develops a recognition of the need for flexibility and life-long learning in a changing work­place
  • provides a connection between the workplace and in-school curriculum
  • outstanding opportunity to explore current employment trends
  • introduction to the world of "skilled trades" and connections to the "Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program"
  • with rising costs of Post-secondary education, co-op allows students the opportunity to experience possible career avenues

Where are our some of our Students Going?

  • Sear’s Warehouse
  • Goodyear Tire
  • Salon You/ The Salon
  • First Choice
  • Harry J, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, First Adventure
  • Bourbon St. Pizza
  • Bentley’s Leather
  • Chapman’s Plumbing
  • Quinte Humane Society
  • Battlefield
  • Shopper’s Drug Mart
  • Quinte Wellness and Fitness Centre
  • Dewe’s Bakery
  • The Lung Association
  • YMCA
  • By the Moon
  • Cleaver Excavating
  • SOCAN Services
  • Kevin Brant’s Autobody
  • Pathways to Independence

Evaluation in Co-op

The student is evaluated on assignments and activities in the pre-employment and in-school sessions, weekly log reports, journals, attendance, punctuality, regular on-site visitations by the teacher, and monthly employer evaluations. Students are responsible for completing a "career fair" project to highlight their employer and learning experience. This project is part of their Culminating Activity.


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Experiential Learning Cooperative Education, Grade 11, Open, Grade 12, Open

School Based Co-op

System Opportunities 

  • Military
  • Hosptial

OYAP-Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

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