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Message from the Principal

Amazing students, exemplary programs, outstanding staff - all contributors to Trojan Pride and the building of character in the areas of arts, academics. athletics, technology and student leadership.

Our focus on excellence reaches into many realms of student - in the classroom, in sporting events, in the performing arts, in using technology and in students leading in various school and community activities.  Further, our students demonstrate strong citizenship, global responsibility, and community involvement in their growth and development as well-rounded student leaders.

The provision of high quality programs that focus on innovation, skill development in different curricular areas, and making connections to the real world allow you to design a program that will assist in the attainment of your goals.  Moira has a full range of options to choose from including the International Baccalaureate Program, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, Geoventure, leading edge technological programs, as well as a wide variety of focus programs. Our newest programs include Moira's Academy of Sport, a Hockey skills development program, senior level computer engineering, business leadership courses, traditional and digital photography, a Student Leadership course and a new multi media arts course focusing on broadcasting and digital recording. We want to engage students because we know that motivation leads to success. The entire school community is committed to encouraging our students to excel in every pathway and to facilitating student success.

This comprehensive course calendar will provide you with information on all of our exciting and impressive course offerings.  Take the time to thoroughly explore all that we have to offer and engage your parents in assisting you to make informed choices.  We have a wide range of support options available to assist you in making your educational decisions - Guidance Teachers, Native Education Counsellors, our Interdepartmental Special Education Head, Student Success Team, and our Administration.  Included in this course calendar are a wide range of extracurricular activities that you may join.  Secondary School is all about making memories - in and out of the classroom.  The pursuit of happiness includes a well-rounded education, forming lasting friendships, and of course, having fun!   


Our students truly are outstanding......

  • Our IB students scored over 9% on average over the world average on the IB exams.  In the past, one of our students scored a perfect 2400 point score on her SAT exams.  She was one of approximately 400 students out of 1.6 million students who wrote the exams to achieve this very high level of distinction.  Recently, our  IB graduating class was offered over $550,000.00 in entrance scholarships to universities across Canada and the United States.
  • Our students have been recognized provincially for their leadership and Student Voice initiatives.  Recently, a group of students were invited to present a keynote address at a Ministry of Education conference and Ministry of Education videographers and researchers visited the school to hear the details of student-led initiatives at the school.
  • Yearly, Moira Secondary School students dominate at the Quinte Regional Science Fair and have competed locally, provincially, and nationally.    
  • Each year, our students are recognized for their outstanding performance in mathematics as well as top scores on the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. 
  • Our athletes continue to impress with their skills, their performance character in competition and their good sportsmanship.  Many of our teams have competed at Bay of Quinte and have achieved personal bests.  In the past, our Senior Football team was successful multiple times in winning the National Capital Bowl, the highest achievement possible in the high school sport.  Our Senior Girls' Basketball team has been victorious at COSSA and one of our students proceeded to the all-Ontario level to compete in the golf championship. 
  • Our Arts program continues to receive system-wide acclaim – Beauty and the Beast and Once Upon a Mattress were amazing musicals.
  • The Global Awareness Club continues to support artisans in third world countries and to support awareness around fair trade issues.   A group of students travelled to Nicaragua to help build a school in a couple of communities. 
  • Students participate in international experiences. Italy, Costa Rica, Greece, Nicaragua and France have been successful and rewarding destinations in the past.



We look forward with anticipation to another exemplary school year!!